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Collision Repair

Collision Repair

In Alamo Ranch Collision we restore the vehicle’s structure, appearance, and safety features to the pre-accident condition. Collision repair focuses on repairing cosmetic damage, restoring structural integrity, and replacing necessary parts.

Automotive Repair

Automotive Repair

In Alamo Ranch Collision we do the general repair, engine rebuilding, or reconditioning of motor vehicles collision services such as body, frame, and fender straightening and repair and painting of motor vehicles. Services offered may include the changing of motor oil, installation of tires, batteries, and minor accessories, minor automobile repairs, and greasing of individual automobiles.

Auto glass

Auto Glass

The Automotive glass is meant to maintain the structural integrity of your car, provide you with unobstructed views of the road, and ensure your safety at all times. Any damage to your car’s windshields, windows, or rear screen needs to be repaired ASAP. 

ADAS Calibrations

ADAS Calibrations

In Alamo Ranch Collision we do the precise physical alignment, testing, and electronic aiming of sensors that collect data to inform your vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), like forward collision warning (FCW), lane departure warning (LDW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), and several others.

Detail Service

Detail Service

Automotive detailing is a set of services aimed at making a car look as good as new. Detailing doesn’t just mean deeper cleaning; it is much more precise and labor-intensive: the body and interior are dismantled into their parts by hand and made to shine.

Car Insurance

Work with all Insurance

At Alamo Ranch Collision, we work with all insurance companies to make the collision repair process as smooth and hassle-free as possible for you.

Repair Process

1. Estimate

Before any work can be done, we will assess the damage to your vehicle. Our staff will then give you or your insurance company a complete written estimate. Also, any parts needed to make the repair will be ordered during this phase.

2. Vehicle Prep

The damaged parts of your vehicle will be disassembled and the original layers of paint will be removed. You will be alerted if there is any hidden damage found at this point.

3. Body Work

This is where the structural body repairs will be repaired: dents taken out, new panels prepared and installed, priming, sealing and corrosion protection adhered. The repair area will be cleaned, sanded and ready to be painted.

4. Paint

First, the area will be pressure washed and chemically cleaned, and then prepped, primed, sanded, and sealed. The vehicle will then begin the Alamo Ranch Collision painting process.

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